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Thoughts about thoughts

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

You should know that there are some very bright people who understand, from the most thorough research, that the topic of Torah codes can not be dismissed.

But take notice:

This profound topic is now sitting in plain view for us ordinary folks, now that these researchers have discovered some crucial missing links. Much of this progress is in the past few months and years, and is only beginning to seep into public consciousness.

We will be looking at the text of the Torah in ways that are surprisingly simple and enlightening. We will hardly even need Hebrew or math. The essential ideas can be grasped by becoming a little familiar with the Hebrew alphabet and being able to solve 10x10x10x10x10.

I've talked to many people about codes over the years, and that leads me to give you some up front advice. First, don't just read these articles. Study these articles. Think and re-think.

Speaking of which, what do you think about the way you think? Beware of thinking that you're not smart enough for this. Even more so, beware of thinking that you're too smart for this. When this material is studied by two people with similar backgrounds and training, one of them will be totally astonished and the other will be totally bored. The astonishment comes when a person goes beyond looking at the pretty pictures. It comes when that person drinks in and thinks in the logic of codes. Niels Bohr remarked that “Those who are not shocked [by] quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it”. The same is true of codes, but they are immensely simpler than quantum theory.

I've had 20 years now to think about this, and to discuss it with scientists and laymen. I consider myself to be a little of both. It turns out that the correct use of science can virtually prove the codes phenomenon. But a scientist is also a human being and can be as irrational as anyone else, insisting on the incorrect or blocking the correct. There are some scientists who understand that there is no explanation to date for the growing body of evidence for codes. There are other scientists who are closed to the idea from the beginning, but have yet to give a rational and true alternative explanation. The only route open for them is to be openly or secretly suspicious or even accusatory of the research. But that's all because words and logic can so easily be used to hide open secrets, and the Encoder apparently wants us to search in order to really learn. I have met many laymen who navigated these issues where others with advanced degrees got hopelessly stuck.

So - final advice - try to remain neutral until you've traveled the whole maze, and be open to the goal of becoming profoundly convinced of the profound.

Reminder: our mantra will be: "strongly repeating and important".  Keep that mantra in mind as we will see how it provides the foundation of the proof of the codes' existence.

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