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Open secrets

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Have you ever suspected that the biggest secrets are hiding in plain sight?  This series of articles will convey to you that the phenomenon of Torah codes is beyond phenomenal.  It could change your world-view.  It could give you a sense of certainty about justice and meaning in our universe.  It could bring back a forgotten sense of awe.  Or all of the above.

The best way to hide a secret in plain sight is to place it right on the border between the absurd and the astounding.  Many immediately call it absurd and look no further.  If you're reading this, your mind is probably open enough to allow for the astounding possibility that a 3000 year old text, the Torah, could contain  references to events that occurred throughout history, right up until our time.  

For the moment, you'll need to take my word for it that this secret is real, and contains incredible light.  I want to help you gain the certainty needed to take your own word for it, to make this light your own and illuminate others.

I've never been one to give advice, because it's not my style.  Being a teacher is also not my usual role.  But this topic is so potent that it leaves me no option other than to step into teaching mode.

One of the challenges of writing this was to decide what to tell you first.  So many points are important and best to know before you begin.

I want you to read every word of this series series, at least twice twice.  We will see the crucial importance of two code ingredients, repetition repetition and importance importance, as we proceed.  In fact, our mantra will be "strongly repeating and important".

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Jul 23, 2019

This is a test comment. I agree with everything that was said here.

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