"As time accelerates and the world wrestles with good and evil, the codes provide hints and whispers of The Source of all goodness, a forgotten sense of awe, a new sense of hope." 

Avraham Levitt, fellow traveler

Mathematician & Computer Scientist


"Decoding The Past - Bible Code Episode 1:

Predicting Armageddon" 

You, I, Codes & History

          Both the brightest and darkest events, from ancient times until today, are hidden in the centuries old Torah.  The One who created time knew it all and knows it all.  The codes show us that all is known, all is accounted for. Meaning is deep under the surface, but everywhere.


And through it all, the sages assure us that we have free will.  We can turn our lives around and benefit all of future history, no matter where we have come from.  The codes hint at this as well, because they spring from the very Book of Advice that guides all descendants  of Noah, all of humanity

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